Workout Month 5

Progressive Set Workouts (cont'd)



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Below is the video and explaination of how to perform these workouts. Keep in mind that very few of my competitors have to perform such demanding workouts. The first three months are all most need to get in excellent condition. So if these workouts are too demanding you can do earlier workouts,  just work at 100% effort. 

Progressive Workout Explaination.pdf Progressive Workout Explaination.pdf
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You can always modify a workout depending on what equipment you have available. I try to keep the equipment needed to a minimum so that you can do many of he workouts at home... or if you are at a gym you won't have to disrupt the entire place just to get a workout in. 


Month 5 


Blank Workout Sheet 

Blank Month 5.pdf Blank Month 5.pdf
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Weight Selection: By now you should know what amount of weight you need to challenge you. Try to keep the weight the same throughout these workouts. There will be a desire to drop down to lighter weights. In the beginning it's ok to do this .. but once you become accustomed to these workouts you should use the same weight throughout the workout.


5a Progressive set Workouts .pdf 5a Progressive set Workouts .pdf
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5b Progressive set Workouts .pdf 5b Progressive set Workouts .pdf
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Duck Squats:  Concentrate on pushing with your your heels... this places the strain on the glutes.



Bulgarian Split Squats: Put your rear leg on a bench and step out as far as you comfortably can with the other foot. Grab a set of dumbbells and lunge down and up. This is a great glute exercise! 


Barbell CPR's 

One of the exercises in workout 5b is Barbell Cpr's. The video below shows 1 cpr. It consists of: (1) clean and pressing a barbell overhead,  (2) lowering it down behind your head, (3) squat, (4) stand up from the squat position and press the bar overhead and (5) return the bar to the start position (front of the thighs). Sorry I don't have a better video to show you, but the video does contain one complete Cpr.



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